NMC IS Browser

NMC IS Browser 1.0.2

Complement tool for your TV Tuner card or USB dongle

NMC IS Browser is a practical tool that adds interactive features to your everyday TV experience. This utility is an extension for your TV cards and USB dongles that adds Interactive Service applications from DSM-CC Object Carousels. These types of interactive objects are broadcasted by a growing number of Radio and TV stations around the world. NMC IS Browser enables you to access this content, which includes traffic information, news, local weather, and interactive games, among several other features. This application supports DVB-T and DVB reception, ATSC Terrestrial, and Clear QAM. NMC IS Browser allows you to record interactive content along with broadcasted TV shows for further playback without the need of TV card. It supports several middleware implementations such as DV MHEG-5, DVB MHP, ARIB BML, and ATSC OCAP for New Zealand, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Taiwan, European countries, Australia, a number of South American countries, Japan, Brazil, and the United States. NMC IS Browser is a unique tool that adds new features to your current TV reception.

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